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Activities for Children

Holy Week In A Box

Instruction for telling the Easter story starting on Palm Sunday

Story can be found on second sheet

Items needed:

A smallish box – one you can draw on the front and back or cover with paper

Colour pencils or pens

Paper – either green coloured or plain paper – so you can colour the leaves as part of the activity

A figure - made from a toilet roll or have fun creating Jesus. Use what you have!

A small piece of cloth, could be kitchen roll

1. Cut the green paper to resemble one or more palm branches.    This is for  telling Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday

2.  Make a figure for Jesus

3. Draw a simple cup and loaf of bread on the lid/or one side of the box. If a coloured box you could draw it on paper and stick onto the side of the box.  For Maundy Thursday when Jesus stands at the table and shares the meal with his disciples. We remember how he told us to do the same.

4.  Draw a simple cross on the back of the box or again you could draw it on paper and stick it on the box.  The story for Good Friday – draw a simple cross on the back of the box. You can talk with children about how sad all of Jesus’ friends were that day

5.  Have a piece of cloth or kitchen roll to act as a grave cloth to cover Jesus for  when he is placed in the tomb (the box) in the story.  

6. Easter - the tomb is empty! Tell the story of the great news that when Jesus’ friends went to visit his tomb it was empty. Christ is risen!

It could all be stored in the box and brought out each time you tell the story of Easter!